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TDH – Everything’s Interesting

We went a little long this week, but I don’t mind, I enjoyed my topics. We talked about Tom Wheeler, the FCC Chairman’s feelings regarding the upcoming auction in the 600MHz band, some new revelations regarding the Heartbleed OpenSSL vulnerability, as well as the one year anniversary of the Digital Public Library of America. I got to geek out about how vinyl works, and in Science News we talked about blood sugar levels, as well as something that might be a new satellite of Saturn.


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FCC Chair ‘regrets’ AT&T and Verizon having prime spectrum


Heartbleed vulnerability further exploited


The end of password based authentication?


Apple confirms aftermarket CarPlay support


Digital Public Library of America to add millions of records


Nike denies FuelBand shutdown


Longaccess is a new long-term digital storage solution

Followup to the Pono Player


In honor of Record Store Day, let’s talk about vinyl


Facebook Frackups:

Facebook’s friend model, and how we’ve changed


Facebook on the World Cup


Science News

Saturn’s new moon


Hunger and self-control, how Voodoo dolls showed the connection


TDH – Technology isn’t Political

This week on the show, I talk about a number of cool things, between why Wi-Fi is not harmful to you, that there is an internal network in each Tesla model S, and how supersymmetry may or may not be a natural phenomenon. The message I drove home from other stories is that the political and social battles that we wage shouldn’t be waged in the technology sphere.

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Ubuntu One shutdown by Canonical


Ad cookies Trace Internet Activity


Google’s Trademark “Glass”


Steve Jobs email about Samsung strategy


Conservatives slam Mozilla


Tesla model S Internal Network


webOS team releases interface to community


Science News:

Royal Society of Canada concludes wi-fi is safe


NASA suspends contact with Russia


Exotic materials exhibit super-symmetry



TDH – Follow-ups and Design

This week on the show I follow up with the Huawei/NSA espionage developments we talked about last week, as well as the Turkey/Twitter and DNS story. Mark Zuckerberg backed’s plan to use drones to bring the internet everywhere, and we learn about an asteroid that seems to have rings.

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Huawei on NSA


Supreme Court revisits Software Patents


Google Claims Turkey intercepts DNS


Twitter accessible in Turkey, still banned


New information regarding Aaron Swartz


Mozilla Employees tell CEO to stepdown


Facebook Frackups

Zuckerberg on the Future of the Internet


Facebook Designer on most recent redesign


Science News

Asteroid body has rings



TDH – Take A NSA Break

This week on the show, I talk about how Mt. Gox found some of the missing Bitcoins, which isn’t as unbelievable as it may seem, how the California DMV might have compromised your credit cards, and a 1,000 mph car. This among the academic exercise of Netflix as a P2P distribution model, and my attempt to wane reporting on the NSA and information spying.

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Mt.Gox Suddenly finds $115M in bitcoin


Turkey institutes IP level ban on Twitter


NSA Spied on Chinese Government & Networking Firm


NSA speaks at a TED conference


Credit Card breach at California DMV


Netflix and a switch to P2P video service


Intel’s Latest Processor Announcements


Science News:

Dust kept CO2 down historically


Bloodhound SSC building a 1000mph car


Fern Fossils


TDH – Governmental Cognitive Dissonance

This week on the show I speak to more egregious violations of citizen’s privacy via NSA initiatives, either current or former, as well as some good will to be earned back by distributing the DNS root. I get frustrated with Neil Young’s desire to include ultra-sonics in your music, but you can have Brian Greene explain String Theory to you for free.

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Sprint owner vows price war if it buys T-Mobile


NATO websites DDoS’d over Crimea


Stanford CS Students Meta-data Report


NSA’s Facebook Malware Tool


CIA-Senate Spying Clash

And the irony therein


US to give up control of DNS root


Neil Young’s Pono Player on Kickstarter

And why it is worthless:


Science News:

Learn Physics from World Science University for Free


TDH – Know Where You Get Your Info

This week on the show, I talk at length, and keep returning to the message of where information comes from, who you can trust with it, and why you might not want to. This conversation was spurned on by the new handsets announced at Mobile World Conference in Barcelona this past week, as well as the RSA conference, and the counter-conference TrustyCon in San Francisco also this past week. We learn about a major win for the 4th Amendment in Texas as well as particle physicists’ desire for more powerful supercolliders.

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Ferrari, Volvo And Mercedes to unveil iOS in car


RSA Conference this past week


Mt. Gox collapse, and Bitcoin Regulation


Open Cellular technologies for developing nations


FBI & Secret Service cellular interception via Google Maps


In Texas, if you are in jail, your call records are safe


Blackphone Followup:


Boeing’s Deep Black (a la Blackphone)


6-bit Byte:

Twitch beats Pokemon


Science News:

Revival of the SSC, in search of more POWER


TDH – 3D Printing Security

This week on the show, we have news of many ways that 3D printing is going to be a lot easier thanks to Adobe Photoshop and Hershey’s Chocolates. It is all about 3D printing going mainstream. In other news, we might have quite a number more augmented reality experiences coming in the near future, that is assuming that small content creators won’t get run off the internet by Netflix and Google.

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Federal Appeals Court rules against FCC


New Jersey Drone Law


Tesla’s “Reckless” Growth


Facilitating Augmented Reality!sy4IC


3D Print from Photoshop


Or 3D print a chocolate bar


Samsung’s Galaxy Glass Woes


Blackphone: a Smartphone Based on Security


6-Bit Byte:

Uber to Branch Out


Microsoft Employees Refer to Win 8 as “the new Vista”


“Trashcan” Mac Pro


TDH – Happy End of Year

This week on the show, I talk about the security community, both in how they try to prove strength, and how the NSA could improve it’s public image. We learn that Google is assembling more robotic companies under their perview, and those crazies with tape over their laptop cameras might be able to say “I told you so”. Facebook lets you donate to non-profits, and hopefully the IEC will make all laptop chargers a standard.

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Obama Urged to Curb NSA Activity

Google Buys Boston Dynamics

$200,000 to crack Telegram

New Mac Pros Onsale

Webcam Spying

IEC Laptop Power Charger Standard

Delta CEO Prohibits In-Flight Calls

Dish’s Interest in T-Mobile


Facebook Frackups:

Launch of ‘Donate’ Button


6-Bit Byte:

Collins Dictionary’s Word of The Year,86,HCB.html

TDH on December 22nd

The show this weekend will be an hour earlier, running from noon to 1 ahead of WRCT’s airing of a Holiday Concert starting at 1pm.

You will, as always, be able to get your very own copy of the show right here following the airing.

Please tune in on the radio if you are in Pittsburgh, or online if you are not.


Thank you listeners for a great year, and here is to 2014!

TDH – A Bit of a Follow-up Show

This week on the show, I follow up on both the story of Instagram’s announcement and about Alan Mulally being the new Microsoft CEO. It seems like you can now text your friends pictures through Instagram and we have another name to cross off the Microsoft CEO short-list, Qualcomm’s Mollenkopf. Google may be doing you a favor when it comes to email advertisements, and may be trying to cut Intel out of the server chip market. All that and more this week.

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GMail change with relationship to images

Google considers making own server chips

Qualcomm taps Mollenkopf as new CEO

Ongoing FCC decision regarding cell phones on planes

Instagram’s announcement, Instagram Direct

Amazon rumored to announce Sams Club competitor

Microsoft joins FIDO Alliance

Norway is digitizing all books, and making them free online

6-Bit Byte:

Groupon counters Amazon drone plan


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