TDH – Evil & Information

This week on the show I talk about, and get a little frustrated at how companies are being evil, when they collect, use and sell information about you and your habits. The House passed a bill to limit patent trolls, and I hope that the driver who got pulled over for wearing Google Glass gets the third degree. Online ads should be more clearly marked as such, and in the spirit of Christmas, Microsoft and Google are fighting over tracking Santa.


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Gates and Zuck put $9M into improving school’s broadband


Online ads should be more clearly marked


Instagram invites for December 12th event


Youtube’s non existent music service


Driving with Google Glass


Data haul by Android flashlight app


Microsoft and government agencies team up to fight botnet


House passes Innovation Act


Mulally, CEO of Ford won’t replace Balmer


6-Bit Byte:

Microsoft, NORAD, and Google’s annual Santa tracking battle!pcUoE


TDH – Privacy: A Social Construct

This week on the show I talk at length about the comment from Google’s Chief Internet Evangelist about privacy. He claims that ‘privacy’ as we know it is an anomaly of society, and I say that is a bad argument for getting rid of it. I also rebuke Samsung’s idea of pre-installing anti-theft software on your smartphone, and we pour one out for WinAmp, which will be no more after December of 2013.


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Google’s Cerf, “Privacy may be an anomaly”


Microsoft’s Xbox One Launch


Jury give $290 million more to Apple in Samsung case


Carriers reject Absolute Lojack


FCC to consider allowing cell calls at 10,000 ft.


Not getting charged for Spam Texts


Hydrobee to charge your phone off a river


Raspberry Pi now includes Mathematica


The end of WinAmp


TDH – Free Information

This week on the show, I jump into the policy decisions of the new FCC chair, Tom Wheeler, as well as a big win for access to information out of the eight year long court case regarding Google Books. We look briefly at a new technology to replace the credit cards burning a hole in your pocket, and how and where people are turning for their news these days. All that and more this week.

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New FCC chair

Google wins book scanning case under Fair Use

IBM releases Watson API

Amazon enters virtual desktop space

Coin: to replace your wallet

CBS to air JFK footage

6-bit byte:

Adobe password leak turns into crossword, yet another thing that exists only because XKCD

Facebook Frackups

Facebook bids $3Billion for Snapchat

People turn to multiple social news outlets.

Science News:

Dramatic improvement of conductivity

TDH – NQS (Not Quite Speechless)

This week on the show I am left, not quite speechless regarding a couple of things, some of which are rather scary when you extrapolate the precedent, like the loss of your 4th amendment rights if you auto-identify as a hacker, or the high frequency spread of BIOS level malware. We explore what it means for the Obama administration to partner with reliability engineers from Google, Oracle and Red Hat to fix the issues with Will we get to the bottom of the genes that express mathematical aptitude?


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Google Nexus 5 actually announced


Cisco to open H.264 for WebRTC penetration


New FAA guidelines to allow more device use


If you believe in the 4th amendment, don’t say you are a Hacker


NSA may be tapping Google and Yahoo’s fiber


badBIOS, an innovative form of malware spread


6-Bit Byte

DNA source of mathematical aptitude


Google was bored at Nortel patent auction


TDH – Nokia and All the Internet

This week on the show I talk at length about the Nokia announcement, and the implications of Apple releasing Mavericks for free. We get into a long series of stores on new things going on in the internet these days, from nationalization of internet within countries to the decline of Wikipedia. It should be a no brainer, but don’t text, call or be distracted while driving, it comes up with the announcement of Chrome coming to Tesla Model S in 2014.

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Nokia News!


OSX Mavericks is free for all


Nationalized Internet


Mozilla’s Lightbeam helps you understand tracking


3D-printed ‘gun-parts’ may not be for a gun


Decline of Wikipedia


YouTube to launch Spotify competitor


Internet is damaging to your sleep schedule

Tesla Model S to get apps and Chrome by 2014


Facebook Frackups

⅔ of US adults get news from Facebook


TDH – A Twick Twament

This week on the show I have not so twick twaments (quick comments) regarding piracy, and the ideas behind it, as well as how Google plans to keep updating Chrome on XP a year after Microsoft ditches the OS. We learn that Elon Musk wants to make the Lotus Espirit Bond prop that he bought into a real thing, we just aren’t sure if it will be branded Tesla yet.

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Many of the most Pirated movies aren’t available for streaming


YouTube is going more and more mobile


Google’s stock price touches 1k


Google to update Chrome for WinXP through 2015


Canonical releases Ubuntu 13.10, along with Ubuntu Touch


Apple Refutes ability to read iMessage


Square Cash


Lenovo signs NDA to review Blackberry


6-Bit Byte:

Elon Musk to make the James Bond Lotus submarine car a reality


Science News:

Tungsten optical disc to store data for 1 billion years


TDH – Touch Texture

This week on the show, I talk about how the Internet governance agencies have split from the United States guidance, we see T-Mobile offer very generous roaming data rates, and how Disney has been working on touch screen textures. Chris joined us to talk about brewing beer in space, and how Google installed monorail cars in the Sydney office.


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Core Internet institutions abandon US government


Google to rebrand Google TV


US Army plans exoskeleton


Skype under investigation in Luxemburg


Microsoft to roll out Remote Desktop to iOS and Android


T-Mobile launches unlimited international data for free


Disney invents touchscreen to feel textures


6-Bit Byte:

Google buys monorail cars


6th grader to brew beer in Space


Science News:

Nobel Prize awarded for Higgs boson


TDH – Tesla Fire and Lightning Charging

This week on the show, I talk about the end of the hunt for the voice of Siri, thanks to Ms. Susan Bennett, how HTC may end up being a Windows Phone partner like Nokia, but thanks to Nokia, you might be able to charge your phone with a thunderstorm. All that and more this week.


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OSX Mavericks Released as GM


Apple buys Cue, intelligent personal assistant


Susan Bennett confirms she is voice of Siri


HTC may add Windows Phone to OS line up


Tesla stock dips after a model S catches fire


Lavabit’s NSA protest uncovered


Facebook Frackups

Instagram to show ads in feed, both image and video


Science News

MIT’s self-assembling cubes


Microsoft’s browser gaming hopes


Scientists charge a phone with a lightning bolt

TDH – Apple’s Genre Experts

This week on the show I talk about how Apple is hiring “Genre Experts” and should be hiring college radio DJs, to do the same thing. Uber and Lyft are now an officially legal thing in California, and while Google spins off Calico to fight aging, Steve Ballmer calls Microsoft a monopoly. All in a day’s work.

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California Greenlights Uber and Lyft

Twitter to add banks to IPO

iPhone 5s on sale with limited gold numbers

Google goes flat

Google announces Calico

Ballmer calls Google a monopoly

Cyanogen spun up as company

Apple hiring ‘genre experts’ to better iTunes Radio

Apple to fix iOS lock screen hack

Apple can read iMessages

6-bit Byte:

Cat can unlock Touch ID

1888 Hotel will waive fee for 10,000 Instagram followers


TDH – Microsoft’s iPads

This week on the show, it is really cold in the studio, so I talk rather quickly to keep myself warm. But what do I talk about? The Twitter IPO, AT&T’s purchase of spectrum from Verizon, Facebook’s atrocious idea for ads, as well as the very scary backdoor the NSA has in a cryptographic spec. Oh, and the new iPhones. Those silly things…


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Twitter goes public, privately


Twitter to release Spotify app


iPhone 5c pre-orders


Fingerprint authentication backlash


Motorola’s Moto X, made in the USA


Intel ships Haswell


Microsoft to buy iPads


Michael Dell’s buyout


Verizon’s Net Neutrality challenge


AT&T finalizes spectrum purchase from Verizon


Hacker compromises 2 million Vodafone customer database


NSA backdoor in cryptography spec


6-bit Byte:



Facebook Frackups

Auto-play videos on Facebook Mobile


Zuckerberg speaks out against NSA



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