This Week’s Episode

Happy Halloween eve!

Due to college applications (Due November the 1st), you won’t be getting this week’s episode today. It will however be availible for download and listening pleasure on Monday the 3rd. This allows me to finish my applications today and tomorrow, and also incorporate some more stories.

I hope you have a good Holloween weekend, and remember to check back on Monday!


Second Ep!

Digital Hazard Podcast Episode 2
Apple and Windows and Verizon Oh My!

Happy Mole Day! This week I talk about the Motorola Droid, Apple’s continuing love for multi-touch, some e-readers, and of course, Windows 7, which was, as I failed to mention in the show, the highest pre-ordered thing of all time says Amazon.

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Driod Ads

Apple announcement (mouse)

B&N nook & e-readers in general

Win7 launch

Some Complications


This was a little unexpected.

I have the first episode, and if you want to hear it feel free to email me, and I’ll be glad to send it to you. mbaron50[at]gmail[punto]com.

To clarify, this is sorta going to be the way that it goes, but only for a little while. I will post here the show notes on Fridays until I put the audio up as well.

Hit up the email if you want it, and I realize that I didn’t really explain anything in this post, about why the audio didn’t go up, but if you want that, I’ll send it to you in the email too.