The Day of Droid

I have Droid news, and Droid stories, did I mention, a Droid story? You are probably sick of the phone by now, but that was the way that I felt with the iPhone. I talk about some other things as well, so don’t worry too much, just start a little less than half-way through. I forgot to mention in the audio, so I’ll put it here:

Art contest! — Take the current logo (the one on the blog) and redesign it, or you could submit an image for the banner on the blog, of why not both!
Winners will get to see their work as the logo, and a gift certificate to the local retail business of your choice (no more than $20). If you would like to participate, email me, and I will send you a large version of the current logo. The winner will be announced on the Nov. 20th show, so submit early, and submit often!

Download This Week’s Episode

Unconfirmed reports say Droid may also be headed to T-Mobile

Want a Droid for work e-mail? It’ll cost you extra

UPDATE: Personal Droid data will cost $30

Space hotel on track for 2012 – requires 8 weeks of training;_ylt=AppcrpbEAKVXEHRSsMudbLx0fNdF

Leaked ACTA Internet provisions: Three strikes and a global DMCA

LHC Shut Down Again — By Baguette-Dropping Bird


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