Goog & MSFT

I thought I would be talking for a while due to the number of stories I had, I got a little worried. But I kept myself tame, a few minutes spent on Droid, a few on that other smartphone, and then there is Nokia. Then Google vs. Microsoft talk, back and forth, need to work on my transitions though.

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First look: Motorola Droid

Here is a link to engadget:(the milestone) GSM Droid

Apple said to be working on ‘world-mode’ iPhone

Smartphones beat recession, Nokia still on top

Google to offer free Wi-fi in approximately 50 airports for holiday season only

MSFT to do the same, we think

Google hopes to remake programming with Go

Microsoft Patents Sudo’s Behavior

Story recommended by a listener!:
Microsoft exec: Mac OS inspired Windows 7

How we really designed the look and feel of Windows 7


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