Money In Space!

Some Apple Tablet conspiracy theories, some piracy, and hacking. I also talk about some social engineering, and some that aren’t that social. Besides the obvious money story, well, there are other money stories.

Microsoft’s Bing goes down

Google introduces Favorite Place info using QR Codes

Man “beats” World of Warcraft

New Senate bill targets unfair early termination fees

US agency’s balloon hunt tests Internet accuracy

Branson unveils next step toward space flights

U.S. no longer leading the world in spam

EA CEO: “I think of pirates as a marketplace”

Apple buys Lala service

Apple tablet set for spring launch?

WiGig alliance creates next-generation wireless networking standard

Harnessing the Cloud for Hacking

Art contest! — Take the current logo (the one on the blog) and redesign it, or you could submit an image for the banner on the blog, of why not both!
Winners will get to see their work as the logo, and a gift certificate to the local retail business of your choice (no more than $20). If you would like to participate, email me, and I will send you a large version of the current logo. The winner will be announced on the first show in 2010, so submit early, and submit often!


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