This Podcast is all about HTC Today

@mcafee15 is on the show today and we talk a lot about phones and predicting the future. Hopefully if we write the books that we say we will, and they get published, we’ll be millionares by the time we are however old we’ll be when our predictions come true. (It’s an exacting science, you can tell.) And Google really is becoming a scary cooperation, as Palm slowly dies. Its a partially morbid show.

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Google’s biggest announcement was not a phone, but a URL

Google and HTC working on a Chrome OS tablet

Social network suicide? Not if Facebook can help it

Nobody has a million twitter followers

Google Chrome displaces Safari as third in survey

World’s tallest building opens in Dubai

At&t Finally gets Android

Kama Sutra’ most pirated e-book of 2009

‘Google Energy’ subsidiary considers clean power

New Touch Screen Technology for iPhone & MacBook Tablet

Palm introduces Palm Pre Plus: 16GB, coming to Verizon on January 25


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