Security, and I can’t talk today

I talk about the Nexus One update, cyber-security, and then I realized about halfway through that I can’t talk today. Oh and Facebook changed its look, again. Its more vain than a girl going to Prom.

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ArsTechnica on Apple’s decision to end USB sync for iPhone

Did Google Just Multi-Punch Apple In The Face?

Nexus One gets a software update, enables multitouch

Verizon Drops ‘Droid’ Brand For Newest Android Phone – the MotorolaDevour

Microsoft investigating Windows 7 batteryissue;_ylt=Au7LX4TsZixx4JlFJ5VGdPB0fNdF

Who is behind a cyber attack

US Department of Justice objects to Google book plan

Air Force taps IBM for secure cloud

Facebook Redesign


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