Looking At What Will Come

I’m optimistic this week about some rather scary things, but it’s all the way things are these days. It’s a short show as Adobe takes some heat for being the cause of 80% of malicious attacks, but wants to work with Google on a cross platform solution in the form of Adobe AIR apps for mobile.

No show next week (Feb. 26) but expect Episode 18 to come out in March!

Download This Week’s Episode

Google Makes $500m a Year on Typos

Two Chinese Schools Said to Be Tied to OnlineAttacks

Rogue PDFs Behind 80% of Exploits In Q4′09

Contest offers $100,000 for smartphone, browserhacks

Google donates $2 million to Wikimedia

Nokia and Intel combine Maemo and Moblin to formMeeGo

Flash to come to Google Android.



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