Facebook gives you STD’s

This was a short show (I tried to keep it that way) and I ranted for a short while before I caught myself on openness of information, and then I had a REALLY?!? moment with the NewYork Museum of Modern Art.

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Facebook gives you STD’s

Wikipedia has Google’s back

Virgin Galactic Embarks on Maiden Voyage Above Mojave Desert

New York Museum Adds @ Symbol to Design Collection

Complete ACTA text finally leaked


Its just a hacker show today

Sorry to all of you about the irregularity of the show recently, my bad, I admit it. This week I am back, running it solo, and I talk about everything from hackers, to Google, and…. ok, that is about the only two things I talk about. Oh, and quick poll of the audience: Johnny Depp would be a good addition to the show. True or False?

Episode 18

Hello All,

I tried recording Episode 18 with all three of the hosts, and it just fell downhill from about the first few moments. I will try to record Episode 18 all by my lonesome, to post later in the week, and then Episode 19 will start the process of alternating co-hosts, also, hopefully to post over the weekend.

Thanks to all of you for sticking with me during this, and I promise that the show will be all regular soon enough.