TDH – Digital Hazard Podcast Grows Up!

Digital Hazard Podcast is now all grown up! We are now a radio show on WRCT Pittsburgh 88.3 FM, the radio station of Carnegie Mellon University. The show will air every Sunday 1-2 pm, but fret not, the episodes will be recorded and you will be able to receive them here as well.

Here is the Pilot episode for WRCT, and show-notes follow as always:

Goodbye (Crummy) CAPTCHAs. Hello Ad Dollars?

Apple Approves Google Voice Apps and BASIC Interpreter in C64

Steve Jobs chops student hack down to size

Google Bringing Document Editing to Android, iPad

Mobile codes to boost Google account security

Facebook Has Quietly Implemented A De-Facto Follow Feature

HP and Oracle Reaffirm Commitment to Partnership, Resolve Litigation Regarding Mark Hurd

Intel charges customers $50 to unlock CPU features

Microsoft Launches A New Loyalty Program: Bing Rewards


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