TDH – We are going to Everest

MWAHAHAHA! It was Halloween today on The Digital Hazard. I mean it was Halloween everywhere, but it permeated the show too. The only evil things we talked about were Firesheep and Facebook’s ad model. James Cameron is still monetarily focused, and we are going to podcast from Everest. If you’d like to support us, please send a paypal payment to digitalhazardpodcast[at]

(don’t actually do that).

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Is Apple About To Follow in Google’s Footsteps?

The Nexus Two is real

FTC: no fine in Street View probe (What kind of girls did Google send?

James Cameron’s Next Movies: Avatar 2 and 3: the money tree grows…

Firesheep boasts 100,000+ downloads in 24 hours–lazy hackers, unite!

Firesheep usage leads to Idiocy

Jobs: there won’t be a mute switch becomes orientation-lock option for iPad

Android Market Surpasses 100,000 Apps

Facebook Frackups

Facebook Stalking: Evolved

Facebook applies for ad-targeting patent


TDH – Powerful words from RIM, Jobs throws hissy fit

This week on the show, we start a new weekly segment, that won’t be hard to continue, Facebook Frackups! We talk about the Jobs hissyfit, and the RIM, Jobs back and forth, and how the internet is being used up, but Google will give you a birthday present!

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Facebook app breach gets the attention of Congress

Is Facebook Outing Gay Users to Advertisers?

Networks Block Web Programs From Being Viewed on Google TV

Sprint promises WiMAX in NYC on November 1, LA on December 1, and San Francisco a few weeks later

Angry Birds for Android gets over 1 million downloads in 1 day
Over 2M

Google’s First Personalized Doodle

Sales and Profit Surge for Apple, but Its Margins Slip

Jobs comes out swinging against Android, tablets

The complete transcript

RIM hits back at Jobs rant

Apple Ginsu-book

Kickers & Science:

Worse: IPv4 Net addresses now 95 percent used up

World’s Most Considerate Computer Thief Backs Up Victim’s Data, Mails It to Him

CMU involved in Google’s self driving cars:

TDH First episode on Air!

This was the first episode to air on WRCT, and I had to do it on my own. Thankfully my producer Chris stepped to help me after the music break. The show was predominately about mobile phones, but we talked about the web, and other intersting developments of the week.

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Facebook announces groups, data download

Verizon to launch 4G in 38 markets

Palm ‘Mansion’ coming: 800×480, no physical keyboard×480-no-physical-keyboard

Sony’s 16.41MP Sensor Shoots 1080p Video and Will Be in Phones Next Year

With Antennagate over, is Glassgate next for the iPhone 4?

Firefox 4 Beta for Android and Maemo is Now Available
“A good first effort”

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser falls below 50% of worldwide market for first time

W3C: Hold off on deploying HTML5 in websites

Trouble In Clever Domain Land: And Others Risk Losing Theirs

Google Gets a C- From the Better Business Bureau–from-better-business-bureau.php

Google starts showing full page previews in search results

Shocking: Steve Jobs approves Bittorrent app for iOS

Nobel for Physics awarded to Graphene duo

TDH Pilot Number 2

Pilot number two on WRCT, I think this one went better, we should be up on the air next week! This week I was Joined by Erik Boyer, and we talked about everything from alien ambassadors to unfortunately hilarious Segway incidents… you’ll find out if you listen to the show.

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RIM unveils its tablet, the ‘PlayBook’

Yep, Amazon launching their own Android app store, too

UN plan for ‘alien ambassador’ a case of science fiction?

Robocop. That is all

Windows Ph 7 coming Nov 8?

US busts Google, Apple, Intel over secret employee poaching pact

Study finds texting bans don’t reduce crashes

All Six Star Wars Films To Be Re-Released In 3D

HDCP Encryption/Decryption Code Released

Study: Audio recordings of US history fading fast

Groupon launches dating service and $60,000 “Groupspawn” scholarship

Segway company owner dies in apparent Segway accident