TDH – Powerful words from RIM, Jobs throws hissy fit

This week on the show, we start a new weekly segment, that won’t be hard to continue, Facebook Frackups! We talk about the Jobs hissyfit, and the RIM, Jobs back and forth, and how the internet is being used up, but Google will give you a birthday present!

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Facebook app breach gets the attention of Congress

Is Facebook Outing Gay Users to Advertisers?

Networks Block Web Programs From Being Viewed on Google TV

Sprint promises WiMAX in NYC on November 1, LA on December 1, and San Francisco a few weeks later

Angry Birds for Android gets over 1 million downloads in 1 day
Over 2M

Google’s First Personalized Doodle

Sales and Profit Surge for Apple, but Its Margins Slip

Jobs comes out swinging against Android, tablets

The complete transcript

RIM hits back at Jobs rant

Apple Ginsu-book

Kickers & Science:

Worse: IPv4 Net addresses now 95 percent used up

World’s Most Considerate Computer Thief Backs Up Victim’s Data, Mails It to Him

CMU involved in Google’s self driving cars:


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