TDH – Beware the Digital Hazard

Again, Erik is off on holiday, and Chris joined me today. Chris should be joining me next week as well. Today we talked about the election, after everybody and their uncle has given you their take. I get a little confused on how LG can produce a dual core tablet, and why Apple should (or shouldn’t) actually pay out on a class action lawsuit, cause Google isn’t.

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Google Tool May Have Had Wrong Polling Place Locations for Hundreds of Thousands of Voters

Rick Boucher defeated: big loss for tech policy world

Google Emails All U.S. Gmail Users About The Buzz Settlement — And To Say They’re Not Getting A Dime

LG Pad coming early 2011 with Android, Honeycomb dual-core processor

Amazon’s 3G Kindle leaps ‘Great Firewall of China’

Michael Jackson: The Glove bundled with Wii version of Michael Jackson: The Experience

————————————Facebook Frackups
Facebook to Foursquare: You’re out

Mark Zuckerberg: “iPad’s Not Mobile…It’s A Computer…Sorry!”

Worried about when you’ll break up? Facebook knows.
———————————–Kickers and Science
First road car produced with a 3D printer


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