TDH – Half Apple Show

Welcome back to the new semester! We had a pretty packed show, even though we weren’t actually on the air (More on that in the show). Today was fun to get back in the sattle. We talked for a long time about Verizon iPhone, and then onto some Google news. Looking forward to getting a stream up for contingency purposes. More on that if it happens, check back here!

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Verizon iPhone — it’s real!

Android likely to lose as Verizon gets iPhone

Microsoft seeks to block App Store trademark

Apple Seeds iOS 4.3 Beta to Developers: Personal Hotspot, AirPlay Video Streaming, New iPad Gestures

Which manufacturers deliver the timeliest Android updates?

Science and Kickers
NASA spots smallest planet yet discovered outside Sun’s solar system
IBM’s Computer Wins “Jeopardy!” Practice Round


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