Boyer’s iPhone

This should be the last show on our stream, next time we should be back to the WRCT stream, and on the air on WRCT 88.3. Today we talked about Erik’s new iPhone, a bunch of Apple stories, and the current status of mobile development. This was a really great show, and I hope you can join us live next time!

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Apple to expand iPhone screen size to 4-inches

Apple rumored to be evaluating 3 new iPhone prototypes, one with slideout keyboard

Apple’s Subscription Rules Raise Possible Antitrust Issues

Google to launch subscription service

Full-duplex radio breakthrough can double Wi-Fi capacity

Nvidia pushing tablets to quad-core chip this year

Mobil World Conference (Sorry to link to product pages)

Nokia to delay Windows phone beyond October

IBM’s Watson victorious in Jeopardy; Our new computer overlord?

Creators: Watson has no speed advantage as it crushes humans in Jeopardy

Steve Jobs, Eric Schmidt and Mark Zuckerberg to Meet With President Obama Thursday in San Francisco

Facebook Frackups!

HTC Facebook Phones: First Press Shots [Update x2]

First Facebook SIM Card Released

Kickers and Science:

First Kiss Is More Powerful Than First Sexual Encounter

Solar Flares Could Disrupt Energy Grid and Telecommunications Network,2817,2380425,00.asp

Pentagon’s Tiny New Spy Drone Mimics Hummingbird


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