TDH – Privacy

Today on the show, Erik was off, and Chris joined me to talk about everything from environmentally friendly datacenters to your privacy in the face of Dropbox. I’m not trying to paint Dropbox as the bad guy here, but you should be a little concerned. The 6-Bit Byte, Facebook Frackups and Science and Kickers rejoin our show today, as new concerns about Google Streetview cars and the power of 9-Volts are explored. Enjoy!

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Greenpeace Criticizes Apple, Twitter, Facebook for ‘Dirty’ Data Centers,2817,2383915,00.asp

Apple location tracker file: Congressman asks Steve Jobs to explain by May 12

Android users “hate” Apple

EU Decides against Net Neutrality rules

Oracle gives up Control of OOo

Dropbox Growth
and Woes

6-Bit Byte
Judge: Is Wi-fi Packet Sniffing Spying?

Facebook Frackups

Facebook Ramps Up Lobbying Spend In Q1 2011, Up 400 Percent To A Record $230K

Facebook accidentally turns on all e-mail notifications for some users

Science and Kickers
A 9V Battery To Your Brain Can Improve Your Gaming

NASA Ponies up $270 Million for Commercial Spaceflight


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