TDH – Company Frackups

Our last show before summer, Erik rejoined me. This week we run down all the shenanigans that have occurred in the corporate space in the last week. Its quite an impressive (or depressive) list. Also, Apple and Sony get disdainful publicity, and the Royal Wedding happened, at the expense of science.

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Mac vs PC: the stereotypes may be true


Microsoft collects locations of Windows phone users

Microsoft: Windows Phones Do Not Store Location History,2817,2384239,00.asp

Apple is sued over location tracking

Apple Q&A on Location Data

Apple: We’ll fix iPhone tracking ‘bug’

PlayStation data breach in ‘top 5 ever’: researcher

PlayStation Network Breach Could Cost Sony $24 Billion

PSN hackers Attempt To Sell 2.2 Million Credit Card Numbers Back To Sony


List of Companies that have had Security Breaches This Week

Apple (iPhone Location)

Sony (PlayStation)

NY Yankees

DSL Reports


Innocent Man Accused Of Child Pornography After Neighbor Pirates His WiFi

T-Mobile Takes a Dig at Verizon for LTE Outage

6-Bit Byte:
Nook Color gets Flash support, curated app store

Sony’s father of CD, PlayStation dies

Facebook Frackups:
Facebook unveils “Sharing,” death of the “Like” button?

Science and Kickers

SETI silences alien-seeking telescope array

New laser will be powerful enough to rip apart space itself