TDH – Mobile Nutrinos

Today, Erik was back on the line, and we had a very nice show, certainly enjoyed ourselves, and I hope that you do too. This week we have some security warnings to pass along, a fair number of mobile news stories and the sagas of AT&T&T and the iPhone 5 continue.  Lets hope that by next week the faster than light nutrinos will let us speed through some of these sagas.

Live Blog: Google CEO Eric Schmidt At The US Senate Hearing

SSL has been cracked

Bluetooth not safe

Apple and ARM

Defect in Wintek-made touch panels may influence initial iPhone 5 shipments

Survey: 31 percent of Android users eyeing switch to iPhone

Apple’s iPhone has 89% retention rate, next nearest hardware is HTC at 39%

AT&T Said to Seek Asset Sales to Save Bid for T-Mobile

Windos 8 UEFI Bootloader: Anti-competitive?

Netflix split to set up Amazon streaming merger?;editorPicks

Facebook Frackups:
Facebook’s F8 Conference

Facebook announces Timeline, Open Graph, many other changes

6-bit Byte:
Steam Powered Computer Goes Digital

Foursquare Now Keeps Home Addresses Private

Science News
Time Travel!


TDH – All Me

Today was all me, I produced and hosted all alone, no here beside me… Windows 8 is fun, and if you have the free time to set up a VM and play with it, or even dual-boot, I seriously recommend trying it. This is a fun time in terms of battery life improvements due to the low-power processors, and the patent lawsuits. Enjoy your week, and tune in again next time!


Windows 8 Developer Preview

300+ Windows 8 Features
And A New BSOD!

Intel brandishes first Google Android tablet
Intel Previews Low-Power ‘Haswell’ Processors for 2013

Apple to surprise with late-2011 MacBook Pro refresh this month

FBI investigating hacking of celebrities;editorPicks

Subconscious mode’ extends handset battery life;editorPicks

YouTube adds a built-in video editor;editorPicks

Google Buys 1,000 Patents From IBM, Again,2817,2393022,00.asp

iPhone 5 to pop Oct. 15, says France Telecom chief

Facebook Frackups:
Americans spent 53.5 billion minutes on Facebook in May 2011;selector-blogs

Facebook to organize friends in ‘smart lists’

Introducing the Subscribe Button

Kickers and Science:
Six New Planets: Mini-Neptunes Found Around Sunlike Star

6-bit  Byte:
Even Google is Tired of Needlessly Paginated Content

How many web pages are on the internet?

Sony Walkman, Now with Android:

TDH – Erik IRL

Today Erik was in fact here In Real Life! We really enjoyed ourselves, today, talking about a nice swath of information from mobile competition and patent procedures to free speaeh and DIY projects. I hope you all enjoy the show! Tune in next week.

Police confirm search for lost, unreleased iPhone;topStories

HP to split up WebOS business, report says

Porn-Industry Outsiders Fear ‘Shakedown’ In .XXX TLD

AT&T, T-Mobile Merger Hearing Set for Sept. 21,2817,2392550,00.asp

In 93-5 Senate Vote, US Patent Overhaul Comes Closer To Becoming Law

Google acquires Zagat, strikes a major blow against Yelp
Google just got ZAGAT Rated!

Sprint Said to Plan Unlimited Data With IPhone

Facebook Frackups:
Facebook App 9/11 Memorial Lets You Dedicate Status Updates to Victims

6-bit Byte:
Sony hires former Homeland Security employee as head of network security

HTC Sues Apple Using Patents Obtained From Google Last Week

Hacked TV remote will auto-mute Snooki for you

Eric Schmidt: Ice Cream Sandwich coming out in October or November






TDH – Moon Pizza

Erik will be joining me in studio next week, so we are all looking forward to that. Chris joined me off and on, and we probably enjoyed each other more than we needed to to get though the show. Be aware of the Adobe CS5 GIF exploit, and the false Google certificates. We will be on the lookout for Amazon’s new tablet competitor to the iPad, hopefully it won’t be coming to AT&T &T so long as the Justice Department wins their suit.

What happens when two chatbots talk to each other? Insults, apparently
Adobe CS5 GIF Remote Exploit:

Eric Schmidt: If you can’t use your real name, don’t use Google+

Amazon poised to sell 5Million Tablets in 3 Months

Amazon Is Only Launching A 7”  Tablet?

Apple Responds to The Most Phenomenal Fake Apple Store in China

Sprint: AT&T/T-Mobile Merger Would Destroy Jobs, Here’s A Study To Prove It
T-Mobile users rejoice at Justice Dept. blocking AT&T merger

Domino’s plans to open shop on the moon

Facebook Frackups:
Oprah to Appear Live on Facebook, Invites Your Questions

CNBC: Facebook to launch music service on September 22

6-bit Byte:
Fraudulent Google Certificate

Suspects in iPhone prototype case plead not guilty

AT&T’s 4G LTE network goes live in Chicago; images reveal impressive speeds

Microsoft shows off its ‘Ribbonized’ Windows 8 file-management interface

Science News:
The Planet is now DIAMONDS:

Chinese want to capture an asteroid into Earth’s orbit