TDH – All Me

Today was all me, I produced and hosted all alone, no here beside me… Windows 8 is fun, and if you have the free time to set up a VM and play with it, or even dual-boot, I seriously recommend trying it. This is a fun time in terms of battery life improvements due to the low-power processors, and the patent lawsuits. Enjoy your week, and tune in again next time!


Windows 8 Developer Preview

300+ Windows 8 Features
And A New BSOD!

Intel brandishes first Google Android tablet
Intel Previews Low-Power ‘Haswell’ Processors for 2013

Apple to surprise with late-2011 MacBook Pro refresh this month

FBI investigating hacking of celebrities;editorPicks

Subconscious mode’ extends handset battery life;editorPicks

YouTube adds a built-in video editor;editorPicks

Google Buys 1,000 Patents From IBM, Again,2817,2393022,00.asp

iPhone 5 to pop Oct. 15, says France Telecom chief

Facebook Frackups:
Americans spent 53.5 billion minutes on Facebook in May 2011;selector-blogs

Facebook to organize friends in ‘smart lists’

Introducing the Subscribe Button

Kickers and Science:
Six New Planets: Mini-Neptunes Found Around Sunlike Star

6-bit  Byte:
Even Google is Tired of Needlessly Paginated Content

How many web pages are on the internet?

Sony Walkman, Now with Android:


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