TDH – Amazon Stole the Show

Well I was all alone today, and I felt like I put together a good show with good commentary and well researched stories. Unfortunately, at the end WRCT’s transmitter went down, so I had to end my show without a signoff, but you all are here for the audio, so you know how to go about that. Please go read the self-healing materials story that I didn’t get to finish talking about, it is some pretty interesting stuff. Erik should be back on next week, and we will still be delivering a high quality show.

Amazon’s Kindle Silk Road
Silk: A Smooth Browser

B&N Don’t forget the Nook!

HTC Tablet Sales:

Amazon to Buy Palm?

MeeGo No More

IceCream Sandwich Available on eBay

LibreOffice: A year later

The Death of the Scroll Wheel

Apple Stores go Down

Airport maps in Bing:

Facebook Frackups:
Facebook isn’t a “Super Cookie”:

Facebook iPad App: As Elusive as the white iPhone:

6-bit Byte:
15-Year-Old Girl Wins Microsoft Excel World Championship Which Apparently Exists

MS says Chrome is a Virus

Science and Kickers:
Self-healing Materials


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