The Digital Hazard October 9th

Hello All,

As many of you know Steve Jobs has passed away, and although many of you also probably know my feelings for the man, I feel it is only fair to him that we at The Digital Hazard talk about the man the mystic and his company (as if they don’t get enough airtime already) Anyway, the purpose of this post is simply to inform you, dear readers and loyal radio listeners that on the October 9th show of The Digital Hazard, Erik and I will devote the entire show to two stories, Steve Jobs, and the iPhone 4S.

Those of you who know me well might be in shock and awe that I would devote an entire hour to Steve Jobs and Apple Inc, but it seems only fair. I promise that the hour won’t be me ragging on the guy, but Erik and I will have an informed discussion about the facets of his life and the most recent Apple product. Rarely there exists enough body of material in the tech world during the week of an Apple announcement, so we will devote the show this week to Apple.


I will not say anymore here, but I will urge you to tune in to WRCT Pittsburgh online at on the 9th at 1pm to hear our discussion.


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