TDH – We are 99.97%

This week on the show, we talk a little heavily about Apple in the A block, but interesting conversation, certainly. Windows XP hits double digits, and Quantum Computing may be closer than you think. This all assumes that Congress and the MPAA don’t make the internet illegal.

Apple open-sources audio codec

Sprint and the iPhone

Apple’s patent for slide to unlock

RIM: We have 99.97% uptime

Android and Fragmentation

Nokia Windows Phones

BitTorrent and Netflix

Bi-partisan Internet Regulation

6-bit Byte
Google+: Now Facebook + picassa

PBS and Steve Jobs

XP, its 10 years

Facebook Frackups:
0.06% of all logins compromised

Security features

Facebook’s Levittown

Science News
Quantum Computing
E-paper forever


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