TDH – Brian Brushwood Interview

This week on the show I got to interview Brian Brushwood of and I certainly think that it was a great interview, and I really appreciated him talking to me. Check your local listings for when he is coming to your (college) town.

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PS: Hey Brian, you mind coming to Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh sometime soon?




TDH – Interesting Show?

All alone today, and it was a little short of a show, but there were some interesting topics, and I pontificated about Mark Zuckerberg, the Government and “security through obscurity.” I’m looking forward to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, even though my Nexus One will never officially run it. In other news you might vote with your iPad, we are trusting fewer people, but Bert and Ernie can tell you how to get to Sesame Street.

Apple kicks researcher out of iOS Microsoft Hires

iOS5 battery fix

iPad as a voting machine

US dismantles cyber crime syndicate

The Feds can get your Twitter data

HTC Promises ICS on 8 devices

ARM’s new GPU amidst their president stepping down

HTC Adopts NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 chips

Adobe Kills Flash for Mobile

Firefox 8 This Week

Facebook Frackups:
Ubiquitous Privacy Story

250 Friends, and you only know 2

6-bit Byte:
Bert & Ernie

Honda’s Asimo, remember?

TDH – A Metaphor

This week Erik joined me and we had a wonderful time. The comment that was shared in pre-show was that we both really enjoyed the stories that we talked about, and that there was no direct Apple stories. That, I promise you was not a conscious decision.  Other than that, both of us really enjoyed the metaphors that I came up with to describe things in the show. You should listen if only for my creative prowess.

HTC Becomes Highest Shipping Smartphone Vendor In the US

Google: ICS to be Open Sourced Soon

Google TV, now a subscription package

Amazon, Now a Book Lender

Continuing Sprint Suit against AT&T&T

IE falls below 50%

Linux and Windows 8

Spanish Judge Understands Piracy

Facebook Frackups
Survey: parents lie to help preteens get on Facebook

Typical Stolen Info

How well do you know your “Friends”

Science News:
NASA wants to make tractor beams a reality

Hubble Sees Birth of a Black Hole