TDH – A Metaphor

This week Erik joined me and we had a wonderful time. The comment that was shared in pre-show was that we both really enjoyed the stories that we talked about, and that there was no direct Apple stories. That, I promise you was not a conscious decision.  Other than that, both of us really enjoyed the metaphors that I came up with to describe things in the show. You should listen if only for my creative prowess.

HTC Becomes Highest Shipping Smartphone Vendor In the US

Google: ICS to be Open Sourced Soon

Google TV, now a subscription package

Amazon, Now a Book Lender

Continuing Sprint Suit against AT&T&T

IE falls below 50%

Linux and Windows 8

Spanish Judge Understands Piracy

Facebook Frackups
Survey: parents lie to help preteens get on Facebook

Typical Stolen Info

How well do you know your “Friends”

Science News:
NASA wants to make tractor beams a reality

Hubble Sees Birth of a Black Hole


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