TDH – Its all about the Lasers

I apologize for putting this up late, this episode was a half a show as I had my last final on Monday, and had to study. Its going up after I finished that and came home for break. Look forward to new episodes in the coming semester.
SOPA Markup Letter from Internet Engineers to US Congress

Vote Delayed

Google Zeitgeist

NTSB Reccomends Cell Phone Driving Ban

6-bit Byte
Ignorance Promotes Democracy

Science News
Dark Flow

Lasers and Quantum Entanglement

Trillion fps Camera shows light moving


TDH – Cellular Carrier Day

This week, I was supposed to be joined by Erik but he never arrived from his portrait photography appointment. I got well into the show, and then Chris arrived and hoped on air with me to get into our segments. I really do recommend you give the architecture story a once over. I talked about mobile carriers a fair amount during the show.

Windows 8 App Store

Google isn’t a Country, thanks for Clarifying Schmidt

AT&T Worst Cell Carrier (Again?)

AT&T &T The Xmas fruitcake that won’t go away

Nokia Teams up with T-Mobile

Verizon and the Galaxy Nexus

New NAND Flash Memory

DOJ looks into ebooks

6-bit Byte
Mythbusters: Science on TV, no Physics trainig

Anatomy of a Skyscraper

Facebook Frackups:
Facebook Looks to Famous

Science & Kickers:
We Can Get Off This Rock!

Plants do Quantum Physics


Last week you mentioned the ability of a hacker to compromise an HP printer, and possibly set it on fire. You totally dropped the ball with that story, all I have to say is “Damn it feels good to be a Gangster”

Adam from Pittsburgh

TDH – Privacy Spectacular

This week I was still alone, and the content of the show was primarily based around privacy, everything from SOPA and Carrier IQ to the obligatory Facebook privacy story. I guess you could say that Google Maps addition of internal maps into the application could be seen as an issue, but I think that we need to worry more about Squid-bot climbing under your doors.
SOPA Alternative

Windows 8 and Intel

British Intelligence scraping the bottom of barrel

Verizon Fights AT&T and T-Mobile

Carrier IQ, the phone trojan

Samsung System on Chip

Google Maps 6.0: Inside Maps too!

Facebook Frackups:
FTC Gives a Slap-on-wrist

6-bit Byte:
Fahrenheit 451 as e-book

Siri is pro-life?

No Need for Mag-safe

HP Printers, a remote fire hazard

Science News:
Welding plastic