TDH – Privacy Spectacular

This week I was still alone, and the content of the show was primarily based around privacy, everything from SOPA and Carrier IQ to the obligatory Facebook privacy story. I guess you could say that Google Maps addition of internal maps into the application could be seen as an issue, but I think that we need to worry more about Squid-bot climbing under your doors.
SOPA Alternative

Windows 8 and Intel

British Intelligence scraping the bottom of barrel

Verizon Fights AT&T and T-Mobile

Carrier IQ, the phone trojan

Samsung System on Chip

Google Maps 6.0: Inside Maps too!

Facebook Frackups:
FTC Gives a Slap-on-wrist

6-bit Byte:
Fahrenheit 451 as e-book

Siri is pro-life?

No Need for Mag-safe

HP Printers, a remote fire hazard

Science News:
Welding plastic



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