TDH – Cellular Carrier Day

This week, I was supposed to be joined by Erik but he never arrived from his portrait photography appointment. I got well into the show, and then Chris arrived and hoped on air with me to get into our segments. I really do recommend you give the architecture story a once over. I talked about mobile carriers a fair amount during the show.

Windows 8 App Store

Google isn’t a Country, thanks for Clarifying Schmidt

AT&T Worst Cell Carrier (Again?)

AT&T &T The Xmas fruitcake that won’t go away

Nokia Teams up with T-Mobile

Verizon and the Galaxy Nexus

New NAND Flash Memory

DOJ looks into ebooks

6-bit Byte
Mythbusters: Science on TV, no Physics trainig

Anatomy of a Skyscraper

Facebook Frackups:
Facebook Looks to Famous

Science & Kickers:
We Can Get Off This Rock!

Plants do Quantum Physics


Last week you mentioned the ability of a hacker to compromise an HP printer, and possibly set it on fire. You totally dropped the ball with that story, all I have to say is “Damn it feels good to be a Gangster”

Adam from Pittsburgh


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