TDH – Quantum Weather

On one of those sunny and cold winder days here in Pittsburgh Erik and I were back on the air! If you want to hear us pontificate more about the weather, you should listen to the beginning of the show. If you want to hear me blow through Quantum Physics in 90 seconds, listen to the end of our show. Other than that, we really enjoyed the stores that we talked about, and I hope you do too. A fair amount of Apple and the future of computing. Or at least what Microsoft and Apple want the future to be.

Download This Week’s Episode
Kickoff of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is Today!

Samsung Beam:

The Apple Standard:

Growl Reacts to Mountain Lion

iPad 3 Spec:

Photoshop on iPad 2

Android and iPhone, stolen ideas:

Pakistan and Internet Censorship

Windows 8 and the Start Button

Facebook Frackups
FB Users are Less Friendly

6-bit Byte:
Wireless in a Can

Science and Kickers
Electron Orbits


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