TDH – How and Why

This week we start out with some updates to stories we have covered recently. We comment on the hypocrisy of the different divisions of the US government. We comment on the odd tale of a French designer and his “revolutionary” new Apple product, so revolutionary that Apple doesn’t even know about it! We round out the show with Netflix’s Algorithm that was too expensive and predictions for the ways in which Carbon nano tubes will save the human race.

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Maryland Bans Employers from Asking for FB Passwords

Carpathia blasts US Gov for Handling of Megaupload’s Servers

Apple Works on Malware Detection

Philippe Starck & “Revolutionary” Apple Projects

Apple Doesn’t Believe So

Windows 8, on an iPad

Office 15, IE10 Roadmaps

6-bit Byte:
Oracle v. Google: Copyright Programming Languages

Netflix and the $ 1 Million Algorithm that was too Expensive

Facebook Frackups:
Facebook Knows Your Frenimies

Science & Kickers
For the Love Of Carbon Nano-tubes

Resetting Your Geological Clock


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