TDH – Aspiring Engineer

This week on the show, we say goodbye to longtime producer/co-host/friend Chris Perrone as he is graduating Carnegie Mellon University. I must suggest you go look at the images that we mentioned on the show, Steve Jobs as Willy Wonka, and images of the shuttle Discovery. We discuss social media and the effects of immediacy, splashed in with opinions about Windows 8 and the new DVD policy. Enjoy!

Download This Week’s Episode
Tablets Should Outsell PCs by 2016:,0,3112168.story

Dropbox and Apple’s Rejection

Google’s StreetView Engineer:

Oracle v Google: Jury is Back

Windows 8 Drops DVD Playback

Andorid and Ubuntu Team Up

Audi, GM and BMW work on Quick Charge Standard

Facebook Frackups:

Matt’s Personal Anecdote Regarding Social Media

Facebook and IPO:

Quote from Zuck:  “Facebook was originally not created to be a company. It was built to accomplish a social mission — to make the world more open and connected.”

6-bit Byte
Steve Jobs and Willy Wonka

Laser Pointer communication better than Wifi

Science & Kickers
Discovery’s (The Shuttle) Big Move

Black Hole Burps:


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