TDH – All Over Web

This week on the show, I was all alone, but I enjoyed myself, and I think I put on a quality show. I discussed seemingly everything web related, from Microsoft’s E3 announcement about entertainment on the Xbox, to the Apple v. Google Map showdown of 2012. Not to mention the Apple versus (everyone who makes a smartphone that isn’t the iPhone) battle of our time. Hint: HTC is the target this week. But no matter, because Twitter has a new logo and Facebook is going to be even more attractive for pedophiles.

Download This Week’s Episode

At E3 this week Microsoft Swings for the Fences, with the Xbox

With Security Breaches at LinkedIn, eHarmony, and MD5 is dead

IPv6 World Launch Day

IE10 Do not Track Feature as a Default is No More

Google Maps to go Offline, Not Down, but With You
Apple Buying Technology from SAAB:

Google TV in Your Home This Summer

Apple iPhone 5 Case Leak?,2817,2405430,00.asp

Virgin Mobile to Get Pre-paid iPhone

Apple is in the Whine Isle over HTC

6-Bit Byte
Twitter’s Logo got Redesigned

Facebook Frackups
Facebook to Dissapear in 5-8 Years?

Facebook’s New App Center in iOS

Facebook, Now Appealing to Pedophiles

Science and Kickers
Transit of Venus, Did you Catch it?


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