TDH – My Island

This week on the show, we buy and Island! Okay, not really. Larry Page lost his voice, Larry Ellison buys most of a Hawaiian island, and a US senator tells Google and Apple to dispense with the spy plane surveillance. Also, we have further proof that Apple designs things that are easily designed, and there is a bit of drama regarding who knew what when regarding Microsoft’s Surface announcement. Please don’t buy these pants, please.

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ICANN Has a New Head

Larry Page lost his voice, and won’t show at I/O

Google’s Lost Languages site,2817,2406115,00.asp

iPod gets a new connector

Larry Ellison buys a Hawaiian Island

Windows Phone 8 may kill RIM

Microsoft kept PC manufacturers in the dark regarding Surface

Dropbox blocks copyrighted files

Fujitsu cracks next-gen cryptography

US Senator to Apple and Google, “dispense with the military spying”

6-Bit Byte:
This is Your Brain on a Mac:

Render an iPhone in CSS

Or buy these pants:

Facebook Frackups:
Facebook serving Zynga’s ads

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