TDH – The Three-way Battle

This week on the show, we talk almost equally about Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS, Google’s Android OS and Apple’s iOS. Google’s IO developer conference was this week, and you wouldn’t believe the stuff they gave away. Note to self, go to IO 2013….  Probably a pre-recorded show next week, but you should still look forward to it.

Download This Week’s Episode

RIM & Microsoft, a New Partnership?

Windows 8 & The Death of Start

Google Nexus 7

Google’s Gadgets

The Google Supercomuter

Orbitz Targets More Expensive Hotels to Mac Users,2817,2406312,00.asp

Chrome for iOS hits #1 on App Store

Apple Releases “Podcasts” App

Apple to Overhaul iTunes Store

Twitter’s Mobile Strategy is Profitable

Facebook Frackups
Facebook Tests “Want” Button

Science and Kickers
June 30th was the Longest Day of the Year


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