TDH – Security Tightens

All alone this week, I discuss at length my first story regarding Amazon and Apple, and blow through a few stories about how there are individuals out there that don’t think Windows 8 is a good idea. I’ve been saying that ever since I played with it, months ago.  Also I focus a fair amount on security, and how to be secure in your person, papers and possessions. Hint: spend some time researching Truecrypt, oh, and pick good passwords. Tune in next week!

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Apple- Amazon War Heats up

Mountain Lion to Open Malware hole?

Valve Calls Windows 8 a ‘catastrophe’

More Windows 8 Negativity

Google Shows ISP’s How To Be Faster

Skype Denies Policy Change Motivated By Spying

Google Still Holds Your Personal Wi-Fi Data

Laws on Wi-Fi Sniffing Still Up In The Air

Android and MeeGo Hijacked Via NFC

NSA Turns to Amatures

Facebook Frackups:
Zuck Bulish About Phone

Facebook’s Losses Come Primarially From Paying Zuck

6-bit Byte:
AUS Olympian has sex Photos Stolen;1n

Samuel L. Jackson et. al. is Coming to Collect from AT&T

Twitter Can Predict When Individuals Illness


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