TDH – Sick (of iPhone 5)

All alone this week as I talk about some of the snafus that the iPhone 5 is facing as it comes out, between iOS 6’s Maps application to Samsung naming the iPhone 5 in the ongoing lawsuits between the two companies. Germany urges the public to stop using IE, and you should too. On your trip over, take a Boeing aircraft so that you can help keep social media’s history from disapearing.

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iPhone5 Finally Arrives

Nokia Takes Crack at Apple’s Maps

Setbacks for Apple in Samsung Suit in Germany

Samsung Adds iPhone 5 to Lawsuit

Matias Duarte: Android is Only ⅓ the Way There

T-Mobile Names Legere New CEO

German Gov. Urges Against Use of IE

Microsoft Releases Fix for IE

6-Bit Byte:
Boeing v Airbus in the Area of Wi-Fi

History Being Lost!

Facebook Frackups
Facebook Satisfies Europe by Disabling Auto Tagging

Science News
Shuttle Endeavour To Tour LA


TDH – Lightning Rant

This week on the show, I’m all alone, but I go on at length about how I think the Ligthning connector is both a blessing and a curse. Of course the new iPhone was announced this week, and everybody is gaga about it. I think the real technological advancement this week came from Intel and their announcement of the digital radio on chip. Just think about how much R&D went into that. I could talk about it for a while. Enjoy the new ebay logo, and do let me know what I don’t know about font.

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That Hot Newly Announced Product is Now on Sale: The Kindle Fire!

iPhone 5 Sells Out, Shipping Slips to 2 Weeks

Lightning Adaptors Coming Soon

Lightning Isn’t a Step Forward

Woz: I Hate Apple v. Samsung Litigation

Intel’s New Radio on Chip: A Decade Later
Extends Mobile Batterylife

SSL Falls To Attacks

Microsoft Finds Mal-ware Preinstalled

6-Bit Byte
Ebay Redesigns Logo

Facebook Frackups:
Zuck: HTML5 Was Our Worst Decision

TDH – New Phones Abound

This week Chris joined me on the show as we talked about the phones that Nokia and Motorola released ahead of the week of Apple’s iPhone announcement. We dive into an article about how google maps are made, and we struggle to understand the intricacies of the NYC Taxi and Limo service laws. Join us before the Voyager I Space Probe reaches the edge of the Solar System!

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Update to Oracle Java Story from Last Week

Apple Cuts Samsung Memory from iPhone

Apple Plans Web Radio Alternative to Pandora

How Google Maps are Made

Taxi App a No Go in NYC

Moto’s New Droid Phones

Nokia’s New Phone

Windows Server 2012: Windows 8 for the Cloud

Facebook Frackups:
Mark Zuckerberg Won’t Sell Stock Anytime Soon

Science News:
Voyager Hits Edge of Solar System

TDH – Sixth iPhone

This week on the show, I’m all alone, so that means I decided to let the show run short. I talked about the impending anouncement of the 6th iPhone, and how when Windows Phone 8 comes out in late October, not that many people will really care. Oh! and Oracle finally got around to fixing a over 4 month old vulnerability in Java. Happy Updating everybody!

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Oracle (finally) Fixes Java Security Vulnerability

Windows Phone 8 Launch Dates

Why You Can Forget Those Dates Right Now

AT&T Opens “Flagship” Store in Chicago

iPhone 5 and the A6 Chip

Recycle your 4S While You Can Still Make $345

iOS Appstore Updates