TDH – New Phones Abound

This week Chris joined me on the show as we talked about the phones that Nokia and Motorola released ahead of the week of Apple’s iPhone announcement. We dive into an article about how google maps are made, and we struggle to understand the intricacies of the NYC Taxi and Limo service laws. Join us before the Voyager I Space Probe reaches the edge of the Solar System!

Download This Week’s Episode
Update to Oracle Java Story from Last Week

Apple Cuts Samsung Memory from iPhone

Apple Plans Web Radio Alternative to Pandora

How Google Maps are Made

Taxi App a No Go in NYC

Moto’s New Droid Phones

Nokia’s New Phone

Windows Server 2012: Windows 8 for the Cloud

Facebook Frackups:
Mark Zuckerberg Won’t Sell Stock Anytime Soon

Science News:
Voyager Hits Edge of Solar System


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