TDH – Lightning Rant

This week on the show, I’m all alone, but I go on at length about how I think the Ligthning connector is both a blessing and a curse. Of course the new iPhone was announced this week, and everybody is gaga about it. I think the real technological advancement this week came from Intel and their announcement of the digital radio on chip. Just think about how much R&D went into that. I could talk about it for a while. Enjoy the new ebay logo, and do let me know what I don’t know about font.

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That Hot Newly Announced Product is Now on Sale: The Kindle Fire!

iPhone 5 Sells Out, Shipping Slips to 2 Weeks

Lightning Adaptors Coming Soon

Lightning Isn’t a Step Forward

Woz: I Hate Apple v. Samsung Litigation

Intel’s New Radio on Chip: A Decade Later
Extends Mobile Batterylife

SSL Falls To Attacks

Microsoft Finds Mal-ware Preinstalled

6-Bit Byte
Ebay Redesigns Logo

Facebook Frackups:
Zuck: HTML5 Was Our Worst Decision


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