TDH – Sick (of iPhone 5)

All alone this week as I talk about some of the snafus that the iPhone 5 is facing as it comes out, between iOS 6’s Maps application to Samsung naming the iPhone 5 in the ongoing lawsuits between the two companies. Germany urges the public to stop using IE, and you should too. On your trip over, take a Boeing aircraft so that you can help keep social media’s history from disapearing.

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iPhone5 Finally Arrives

Nokia Takes Crack at Apple’s Maps

Setbacks for Apple in Samsung Suit in Germany

Samsung Adds iPhone 5 to Lawsuit

Matias Duarte: Android is Only ⅓ the Way There

T-Mobile Names Legere New CEO

German Gov. Urges Against Use of IE

Microsoft Releases Fix for IE

6-Bit Byte:
Boeing v Airbus in the Area of Wi-Fi

History Being Lost!

Facebook Frackups
Facebook Satisfies Europe by Disabling Auto Tagging

Science News
Shuttle Endeavour To Tour LA


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