TDH – I Don’t Believe Zuckerberg

This week on the show, I talked at length about the latest DMCA exemptions, Apple’s latest hardware offerings, and about how Iceland crowd-sourced the writing of their new Constitiution. I wish the country the best of luck, and I hope that it all works out for the best for them, as a model for the future of government in this digital age. Also folks, be safe about your phones this flu and cold season.

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New York Times Readers Pay More Than Ever

New DMCA Exceptions

Tim Cook on the iPad Mini

New iMac 21.5 No User Upgradable RAM

Apple to Release Pandora Competitor in 2013

Nexus 4 Product Page From UK Retailer

Windows 8 Debut

Windows 8 is Too Far for Enterprise

6-Bit Byte
Icelanders Approve Crowdsourced Constitution

Facebook Frackups
Zuckerberg Still Touting Mobile
Science News
New Wireless Protocol to Increase Bandwidth

Smartphone Germs


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