TDH – Touch Me

This week on the show, we talk at length about new touch things. How Yahoo is updating its homepage once again to try to stay relevant in the new world of the touch interface, how RIM’s touch and security centered BB10 OS made it past government standards, and how you will be able to touch your credit card soon. Jam with some friends on Google’s ‘Jam with Chrome’ while you wait for your bank to call you about getting a new card, or tune in next week!

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Me.Ga Hits a new Snag

Australia Stops Internet Filtering

Twitter Kills the “Fail Whale”

Microsoft Turns Spoken English into Spoken Mandarin

MS Office for your iPhone, and Android

Yahoo to Redesign Homepage to be Touch Friendly

Blackberry 10 gets US Gov Green Light

Master Card Rolls Out Card with keypad

6-Bit Byte:
Google’s ‘Jam With Chrome’

Facebook Frackups
Romney Looses Facebook Friends after Tuesday Night

Science News:
Earth Like Planet rediscovered from Old Data


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