TDH – Accept that Facebook Gift

This week on the show I’m looking forward to seeing a Samsung flexible smartphone, but I highly doubt anyone would by it on Dish Netowrk’s wireless service. Lets hope that it runs stock Android because of Google’s new SDK modification. If you want to feel small, go take a look at Google’s latest Chrome Experiment, 100,000 Stars, or make fun of another former presidential candidate, Bob Dole.

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Google Teaming up with Dish Network…. for a Cellular Network

Google Modifies Android SDK to Prevent Fracture

Samsung Working on Flexible Screens

Sorkin’s Jobs Biopic

Sinofsky Not Dismissed from Unifying Windows

NASA Finally Demands Encryption on Hard Drives

6-bit Byte:
Tweet over Email, or JUST SEND THE EMAIL!

Dole/Kemp 1996 Site Still Up, and Still Slow,88737/

Facebook Frackups:
Facebook Expands Gifts Program

Facebook Realizes that People don’t Want to See Ads

Science News:
Google Launches 100,000 Stars Chrome Experiment,2817,2412197,00.asp

Earliest Galaxy Ever Seen:


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