TDH – Facebook’s Future

This week on the show I talk about Motorola’s attempt at an injunction against Microsoft, which was unsuccessful. I speak at length about Apple’s future operating system, which is to reported to be named Lynx. The main concentration of my rant this week is actually Facebook’s mobile experience, which I have talked at length about on previous shows, but I tried not to overlap with previous comments. Enjoy.

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Motorola Patents Can’t Get Injunctions

Google Returning December to the Calendar

Unboxing the New iMac

Early Builds of OSX 10.9 to include Siri and Maps

OSX 10.9 to be called Lynx

AT&T Named Worst Carrier (Again)

Facebook Frackups
Facebook Shares Close at $28

You Have “No Fundamental Right to Facebook”

Facebook Makes a Huge Data Grab

Science News
Mercury’s Craters Probably Have Organic Material


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