TDH – Revisit Old Tech

This week on the show, the last one in 2012, I talk about the recent news of the UN “taking over” the internet, the NHTSA’s plan to have “black boxes” in all cars and how T-Mobile will get Apple devices. This all interspered in discussion of old technologies that are either leaving us behind or coming back, Payphones, Kodak’s imaging, and Cassette Tapes. You’ll have to listen to know what is getting a refresh. See you on the radio in 2013!

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UN Power  and the Internet

Congress Opposes UN “takeover”

Black Boxes in Cars

NYC Hosts Design Comp for Payphones

AMD Halts Production

T-Mobile and the iPhone

Apple and Google Bid for Kodak’s Patents

Sony Kills Cassette Players

Facebook Frackups
The COO Sells $26.2 Million in Stock$26.2m-in-stock

6-bit Byte
Robots Schmooze with Donors

Science News
SpaceX Gets a Military Contract

Super Accurate Accelerometers


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