TDH – Mobile Focus

Back on the air after a basketball hiatus! Finally! This week on the show I talk about many things mobile, from getting Wikipedia in text message form, to Visa’s new mobile payment project. You’ll soon be able to access the internet on your cell phone in North Korea, but not before you see what Google wants to build an expansion to the Googleplex.

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Microsoft prepping public preview of Windows Blue

Google’s new building:

Firefox to block third-party cookies

Mozilla, AT&T and Eriksson to partner for browser calls–ericsson/

Wikipedia to deliver content through text

Visa’s new mobile payments project

Remember the 90’s slap bracelets? Thats Apple’s iWatch.

North Korea allowing cellular data

Chromebook Pixel allows Linux

PS4 comments and reactions

Science and Kickers:
Obama administration backs open access to federal research


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