TDH – Android in SPACE

This week on the show, we outlaw Google Glass while driving, uphold your ability to sell, mame, or burn that copy of that book you (legally) own, and discuss the resignation of Julius Genakowski, the Chair of the FCC. I hope to put up a pre-record for next week, but worst comes to worst, you will be treated to an older episode. Enjoy!

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Ban Google Glass While Driving:


Google’s Universal Analytics


OMG, Smartwatches


Kevin Lynch, Now and Apple Employee


Microsoft and Patriot Act Reports


FCC Chair Steps Down


Bidding for Dell


First Sale Doctrine


Facebook Frackups

At Facebook, Don’t go on Facebook


Facebook Events Page Includes Weather


6-Bit Byte

Nexus S, in SPACE!



TDH – Some Silly News

This week on the show, we talk about some gaffs regarding mobile in honor of the end of MWC in Barcelona, including the ban on unlocking cell phones, Mozilla’s Firefox OS, and Sergey Brin’s ‘emasculating’ comment. If you are an Evernote user, you should login to reset your password, and if you are a really curious cat, you can find other felines in and around London on the web. I will be back next week.

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FCC to examine ban on unlocking cell phones

Firefox OS release path

Chrome hits 17-month low

Sergey Brin’s ‘emasculating’ comment

TWC claims there is no interest in gigabit internet

Do Not Track bill reintroduced

Evernote resets passwords after security breach

“Download this gun” a 3D printed semi-automatic

Facebook Frackups:
Teens tiring of Facebook

6-bit Byte:
Map all of London’s cats

IBM’s Watson: the new Top Chef

5-year-old apologizes for racking up $2500 bill$2500-ipad-bill-in-10-minutes/

Science News:
Sodium-Air batteries