TDH – Not to Scare You

This week on the show, I talk about some scary topics, like how a botnet may be forming by taking over WordPress instances, how a Russian supercomputer company has been put on a nuclear interest blacklist, along with many universities. I mention the birthday that manned spaceflight has recently had, and why I feel that Eric Schmidt’s goal of worldwide internet connectivity by 2020 is a little far-fetched. Enjoy!

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DOJ warns against letting AT&T and Verizon beat up smaller companies

T-Mobile’s “revolution” with the iPhone 5

Google Street View’s hyperlapse

Eric Schmidt predicts the world online by 2020

Huge WordPress attack could lead to botnet

US includes Russian supercomputer company in nuclear threat list

US, China agree to work on cybersecurity


6-bit Byte:

Microsoft tells Win7 users to rollback update

Bitcoin Derivatives

Winkelvii claim 1% of all Bitcoins

Facebook Frackups:

HTC First: the Facebook phone

Facebook Home, the second coming of Facebook?

Science News:

Boeing’s X-48C passes final flight

Manned spaceflight celebrates a birthday


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