TDH – Glass and Government

This week on the show, I talk about many things, from the egg in Eric Schmidt’s eye regarding Glass to the good news that CISPA is dead in the Senate. We talk about the frankly unbelievable saga of a bus line company, and the stupid Budweiser ploy to make you friends. Don’t drive drunk.

Download This Week’s Episode

Chrome Office Viewer: Taking on Microsoft


Eric Schmidt Admits Glass “Inappropriate” in Situations


Google Glass Rooted


Consumer’s Shift to Older iPhones,0,7968879.story


Washington State Calls T-Mo’s “No Contract” Bluff


US Embassy on Facebook for World IP Day


CISPA DOA in Senate


45% of Bitcoin Exchanges Close


Bus Company Threatens Internet Commentator


Tesla CEO to Donate to 405 Widening,0,7423915.story


Facebook Frackups:

Budweiser’s Facebook Friend Maker


6-Bit Byte

White House on Tumblr, with GIFs


NYC Greenlights Uber Cabs



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