TDH – Focus on Silly

This week on the show, I focus on the silliness of many people, both bureaucratic, and general stupidity. Everything from the Indian thief who fell for a fake Facebook profile, later on the show, to the raiding of a Chinese ex-employee of a NASA contractor’s work laptop, filled with porn and pirated movies. Thankfully however, Tor Books’ decision to go DRM free hasn’t hurt their bottom line.

Download This Week’s Episode

The Case of Kiera Wilmont

Tor Book

Ebay and the Feds

Software Bug in Poker Game? That’s a Federal Crime

IE Exploit Targets Nuclear Weapons Researchers

“Google Palestine” Receives Criticism

World’s First 3D printed Handgun

Chinese “Spy” Stole NASA Laptop

Top Bitcoin Exchange Hit with $75 mil Lawsuit

Qualcomm’s in-flight Internet Could Affect Satelites


Facebook Frackups:

Facebook Leads to Psychosis

Facebook App on Glass to be a Hit

Thief in India Falls for Facebook Love Trap



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