TDH – Apple’s Genre Experts

This week on the show I talk about how Apple is hiring “Genre Experts” and should be hiring college radio DJs, to do the same thing. Uber and Lyft are now an officially legal thing in California, and while Google spins off Calico to fight aging, Steve Ballmer calls Microsoft a monopoly. All in a day’s work.

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California Greenlights Uber and Lyft

Twitter to add banks to IPO

iPhone 5s on sale with limited gold numbers

Google goes flat

Google announces Calico

Ballmer calls Google a monopoly

Cyanogen spun up as company

Apple hiring ‘genre experts’ to better iTunes Radio

Apple to fix iOS lock screen hack

Apple can read iMessages

6-bit Byte:

Cat can unlock Touch ID

1888 Hotel will waive fee for 10,000 Instagram followers



TDH – Microsoft’s iPads

This week on the show, it is really cold in the studio, so I talk rather quickly to keep myself warm. But what do I talk about? The Twitter IPO, AT&T’s purchase of spectrum from Verizon, Facebook’s atrocious idea for ads, as well as the very scary backdoor the NSA has in a cryptographic spec. Oh, and the new iPhones. Those silly things…


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Twitter goes public, privately


Twitter to release Spotify app


iPhone 5c pre-orders


Fingerprint authentication backlash


Motorola’s Moto X, made in the USA


Intel ships Haswell


Microsoft to buy iPads


Michael Dell’s buyout


Verizon’s Net Neutrality challenge


AT&T finalizes spectrum purchase from Verizon


Hacker compromises 2 million Vodafone customer database


NSA backdoor in cryptography spec


6-bit Byte:



Facebook Frackups

Auto-play videos on Facebook Mobile


Zuckerberg speaks out against NSA


TDH – Tastes Like Sugar

This week on the show, I talked about some upcoming Apple news ahead of the SEptember 10th announcement, we recap the smartwatch bandwagon, and Google really wants Chrome to be an OS. Really really. Make sure it supports biometric passwords, and they might be onto something. All that and more this week.

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New Apple TV ahead of Sept. 10th

OSX Mavericks for end of October

Chrome Apps to take on Windows

Android KitKat, the background story

Hints at Nexus 5

Maxthon to put browser on all chips

New Eastman Kodak

HDMI 2.0: 18Gbps

Vimeo starts funding indie films

Qualcomm Toq: Mirasol screen

Nymi wristband for passwords

Fear of creepy ads and hackers outway spying

California to implement electronic license plate

Facebook Frackups

Facebook Ice Cream,0,4948560.story


How Feds get our data

TDH – Policy Heavy

This week on the show I talk about a fair number of policy and governmental programs, as well as the possible public reactions to the decisions, things from the $10 billion per year crypto-cracking program and the FISA orders to the useage spike of Tor in recent weeks. Stick around for a defense of STEM graduates and I’m sure we will talk about tech products next week on the show.

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Text-based Bug fixed for 10.9 and iOS 7

iPhone 5S on September 20th?

Google’s smartwatch WIMM

Gag order on Google and Microsoft regarding FISA orders

$10 Billion in Federal crypto-cracking program

Tor usage spike

New Zealand abolishes software patents

Facebook Frackups

Attention seekers on Facebook

Science News

STEM is going strong

Milky-way Black Hole is a picky eater